In-Fusion® PCR Cloning System

The Clontech In-Fusion® PCR Cloning System allows you to fuse of the ends of the PCR fragment to the homologous ends of a linearized vector. The 3' and 5' regions of homology are generated by adding 15 bp extensions to both PCR primers that precisely match the ends of the linearized vector. When the vector is combined with your insert, the In-Fusion® enzyme converts the double-stranded extensions into single-stranded DNA and fuses these regions to the corresponding ends of the linearized vector.

In-Fusion® Primer Design Tool converts existing PCR Primers into In-Fusion® primers by adding vector-specific sequences on the 5'-ends of your primers.

In-Fusion® Molar Ratio Calculator enables you to very simply optimize concentrations of vector and insert for your In-Fusion® cloning reactions.